About Us

Welcome to PS217

Located in the heart of Ditmas Park, PS 217 is an extremely diverse school comprised of students and staff from around the world. We have over 900 students in grades Pre-K through 5. It is our core belief that students learn best in a student-centered, nurturing environment that fosters trust, collaboration, rigorous instruction, and meaningful evaluation, where teachers serve as facilitators. These four components help to ensure that the needs of all learners are met. Students learn best when actively engaged in meaningful, functional, and genuine hands on activities that are accessible to all learners through both collaborative and independent tasks that are differentiated to allow for multiple entry points, scaffolds, enrichment opportunities, and quality teacher feedback. By participating in whole group, small group, and one-on-one instruction, students gain ownership of their learning by setting goals, monitoring their progress, as well as peer and self-assessing. We believe it is important to educate the whole child. Therefore, we work with the Teacher’s College Reading and Writing Workshop Program for literacy, EnVision Mathematics, Exemplars as supplement for EnVision, Passports for Social Studies, Amplify for Science and the Sanford Harmony Building Healthy Relationships for our Social Emotional Development. Daily instruction consists of a brief mini lesson with a strong emphasis on the workshop model where students are engaged in thoughtful conversation with peers to which the teacher can coach in through a variety of conferences that encourage student growth and clarifying next steps. We believe it is important to provide enrichment experiences for all students to aide them in becoming successful, productive citizens in our every changing global society. Not only do we provide these enrichment supports in core academic areas, especially for ourENLs and SWDs; we also offer students the opportunity to think critically and analytically in other areas of interest. We have specialists in Science, music, art, dance and Physical Education. Students also have the opportunity to participate in during the day and after school Discovery Zone Enrichment Club. These wide variety of activities incorporate student interests with participation from staff members, and many community members. Through these unique experiences, students are motivated to become well rounded life- long learners who are both college and career ready.


At PS 217 we are committed to providing the highest quality education for every student, in a stimulating and challenging learning environment. Our goal is to develop all students into responsible and well informed citizens. We are devoted in supporting students from all cultural backgrounds in becoming lifelong learners who will be productive and respectable citizens in a changing global society. We are also dedicated to include the collaborative efforts of the entire school and community to guarantee excellence in achievement.